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The Gift Shop is located at WHAM Art Association in the West Valley / Surprise, AZ.

The WHAM Gift Shop serves as a support and tool to WHAM artist members and the CommUnity by providing a place to sell art items, promote WHAM Art Association programs and enhance Art Gallery Exhibits. Not only is it a place for members to sell their artistic creations, but a destination for gallery guests, local residents and out of state visitors looking for unique and artistic items.


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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, it became abundantly clear that with fewer visitors to our location we would need to think outside the box. So, we have started an Online Gift Shop where the public may see the current inventory of items on our website and make purchases online. That way, if someone can’t physically come to us, at least they can purchase online and pick up their items or have them shipped directly to them in the safety of their own home!

Every 2 months, WHAM Members in good standing bring up to 10 art items & 10 greeting cards of their creation to the Gift Shop during the Art Exchange, usually on a Sunday & Monday during the hours of 10:00am and 1:00pm.


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WHAM Members in good standing (up to date on volunteer hours & dues) will have the opportunity to have their items put onto our online gift shop for a small fee to cover the cost of managing the site and packaging items for shipping going into 2021.

**Volunteer hours should be sent to gaylia.young@wham-art.org prior to the Gift Shop Exchange so that you are credited**

If an item or card sells, the artist may replace that item after coordinating with the Gift Shop Manager, Heather Young, so that she may put it out for display. Placement of pieces in the Gift Shop is her or her volunteers’ responsibility. Anyone moving or altering displays, changing items, tampering with other member’s items, will be placed on Gift Shop suspension for a minimum of 2 months, up to one year, depending on the severity of the infraction. Once an item sells, the artist will receive a check on the 15th of the following month of the sale and may be picked up at the docent’s desk. A 20% donation will be expected at that time for the ability to sell your artwork in the WHAM Gift Shop. No taxes are taken on sales since we are a 501(3)c, so must be paid by the artist and factored into the sale price of the item.

Artwork in the Gift Shop will be grouped by artist so that visitors may see the full scope of the artist’s work and if they are drawn to a particular artist, they won’t miss out on all they have to offer. We appreciate all of the creative work that each of you do that makes our Gift Shop truly stand out!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Heather Young by email at heather.young@wham-art.org or by phone at 480-815-2421


Welcome to our Online Gift Shop! Our WHAM Members offer personal creations below to buy:

Every 2 months we rotate our shop and feature a new local artist online and in-store!


Featured Artist:

John Doe — incredible clay artist/potter